The Cancer Alliance has defined its aims and objectives through the establishment of certain Programme Areas based on this Call to Action that resulted from the Voice of Cancer Survivor Forum and the organisation has set its mandate as follows:

Joint collaboration to unite the cancer community, to ensure the implementation of change and maintain a watchful eye that will ensure in the significant reduction of the cancer burden in SA.

The Cancer Alliance will achieve this through the publication of position statements/papers and baseline papers as well as public messaging relating to such publications. This will be strengthened with focussed advocacy and lobbying with relevant stakeholders regarding the published statements and messaging.

In executing the organisations mandate, Cancer Alliance will achieve the following objectives, by working with partners and stakeholders, through it programmes:

  • Create a unified national alliance of cancer NGOs with a defined mandate and elected representatives who will act as a watchful eye over cancer policy and strategies to reduce the cancer burden of South Africa.
  • Advocate a set of common goals and standards amongst alliance members that ensure strategic outcomes for cancer control in South Africa.
  • Advocate that cancer is publicly and politically acknowledged as a key national healthcare priority for South Africa.
  • Promote the inclusion of cancer civil society advocates in the development and implementation of strategies designed to reduce the burden of cancer through cancer control efforts.
  • Act as Catalyst/Motivator to hold health officials and service providers accountable for national cancer control strategies and issues that negatively affect the cancer patient’s journey.
  •  Establish a knowledge base to aid the alliance in engaging with stakeholders that ensures all efforts to reduce the  country’s cancer burden are sustained and achieved.

The Cancer Alliance will benefit all South Africans regardless of age, sex, gender insurance or health status, marital status, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, conscience, belief, education, social or economic background.

The Alliance has identified the following stakeholders groups as critical stakeholders:

  • Department of Health (National, Provincial and Local Government) as primary government departments
  • All other Departments on National, Provincial and Local Governments that may have a role to play in cancer control.
  • Health representatives of all political parties in South Africa
  • Traditional leaders.
  • Private and Public serving Healthcare Practitioners, including but not limited to doctors, specialists, nurses, social workers, community healthcare workers.
  • Private and Public treatment facilities.
  • Healthcare professionals training institutions
  • All Religious groups and churches
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • All local and international health related NGO’s
  • All Public and Private Funders

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