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Linda Greeff

Listen to this short interview with Linda Greeff, Chairperson of the Cancer Alliance, following the launch of the Access to Medicine (A2M) Campaign:


Watch the Access to Medicine (A2M) Campaign Video – Part 1

About the Access to Medicine (A2M) Campaign

In 2017 the Cancer Alliance and Fix The Patent Laws jointly published a study of 24 life-saving cancer medicines. The research showed that only seven of the 24 medicines are available in the public sector – where 84% of South Africans access medical treatment. Private sector patients have access to 21 of these drugs. In spite of 10 of the medicines being on the WHO essential medicines list, only four of them are deemed essential in South Africa. Click here to download the full study.

Of the 24 medicines, 15 are available in India for less than half of the price offered to the South African private sector. In the most extreme case, a year’s supply of lenalidomide is priced at R882,000 in South Africa and less than R32,000 in India. Ten of the medicines that are not available in the South African public sector are available in India for less than half the price offered to the South African private sector.

on 30th January 2018 the Cancer Alliance announced the start of a concerted two year campaign to focus on eight of these medicines, to change the path of cancer treatment in our country.

Eight medicines chosen for this campaign

The eight medicines chosen are considered to be priority medicines for cancer at this time, and address the most prevalent cancers and burden of disease in South Africa as follows:

  1. Breast – Trastuzumab
  2. Prostate – Abiraterone acetate
  3. Multiple Myeloma – Lenalidomide
  4. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – Erlotinib
  5. Lymphoma – Bendamustine
  6. B-cell Lymphoma – Rituximab
  7. Melanoma – Ipilimumab
  8. Treatment of secretory neuroendocrine tumors – Octreotide

Download more information on the list of medicines here.